Curriculum Statement

The current National Curriculum for Years 1 to 6 was introduced in September 2014. This new curriculum is broader in its scope and also more challenging than the previous curriculum - many concepts and learning are introduced earlier than they were before.

 At the centre of the curriculum are core subjects: English, Mathematics and Science.

 We plan core curriculum coverage carefully to ensure children make progress throughout the year and build up their knowledge, skills and understanding in each subject. We have put together overviews of what we teach in English, maths and science for each year group.

 Alongside core subjects, children we teach programmes of study for foundation subjects: (Art & Design, Design Technology, Computing (formerly known as Information Technology), Music, History, Geography and Physical Education. We teach many of these subjects by grouping learning under a theme or topic so that skills, knowledge and understanding across a range of curriculum areas are brought together to form a cohesive unit of learning.  Within any given topic, children are given opportunities to practise and apply their learning from English and maths to other subjects.

 Children in Nursery and Reception and in Year 1 and 2 share common topics that roll through a two year cycle. The skills taught are differentiated for the year group and the ability of the pupils.

 Topics for Year 3 to Year 6 are particular to each year group from September 2017.

 Our ‘Long Term Plans’ show each year group’s overview of topics and curriculum learning while our ‘Topic Webs’ show how areas of learning are grouped together for each class and theme. To give all of our pupils a broad range of experiences, we aim to have a class trip, a visitor into school or an in-school learning event around the topic theme.

 We complement our class topics with whole school themed days and weeks to broaden and deepen the curriculum experiences of each child.