Social, Emotional & Mental Health ARC


The Social, Emotional and Mental Health  Additionally Resourced Centre (SEMH ARC)  at Cheviot Primary School is a specialised provision for Newcastle learners aged between 5 - 7 in school (predominately KS1).    The provision is for children who struggle with their behaviour in a  mainstream setting and need the benefit of additional support to access mainstream education in school. The ARC facilitates an appropriate school placement for children with the expectation  that  a child would remain in an ARC for a maximum of two years.

There are six places available within the SEMH  ARC, with a Teacher and a SEN Teaching Assistant. The provision offers a place where your child can flourish in a small group, with adults who have expertise in emotional, social and mental health difficulties.   We provide a continuum of provision extending from individual support and small group setting to inclusion in mainstream class.

The aim of the SEMH ARC is to create a happy, welcoming, stimulating environment which will provide the children with the opportunity and motivation to develop their full potential socially, emotionally and intellectually. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum and aim to re-integrate your child into mainstream education whenever possible.  In order to achieve this we:

  • Encourage the children to develop independence and positive attitudes to learning
  • Develop a calm atmosphere where all children have a high self- esteem and confidence in themselves and learn to treat others with respect
  • Encourage children to take responsibility for their own actions
  • Promote positive relationship, perseverance and social  tolerance
  • Clear behaviour management systems are based upon encouraging children to make positive decisions about behavioural choices.
  • A smaller classroom setting enables a higher adult to child ratio and to reduce visual and auditory distractions.
  • Clear sanctions and rewards that are followed to offer children structure and routine.
  • Children are integrated into mainstream classes where appropriate with initial support to develop social and emotional development in a range of settings.
  • Staff ensure they put advice from specialists/ outside agencies into daily practice to support the children overcome barriers.
  • Outdoor learning is used to offer a different approach to the curriculum, which supports children with social, emotional and behavioural needs.

Places are allocated by a formal process ran by Newcastle Local Authority. These are not allocated by the school/ SMART Multi Academy Trust.

Who to contact: Newcastle SEN Team 0191 277 4650

Mrs. Bowman (SEMH Teacher) or   Mrs. Thompson (SENCO) 

Telephone: 0191 2869324 E-mail:

Please read our ARC leaflet below:


 Updated September 2019